A professional translation opens doors to the international market. Receiving material in their own languages will inspire confidence in your clients and shows commitment on your part to building a long-term business relationship.


Zensus is a comprehensive global network of carefully picked linguists who have been working in the profession for several years. Their experience and flexibility make it possible for us to offer professional translations with short turnaround times. We carry out text and website translations daily from and to all spoken languages and specialising in any subject or field. Our authorised linguists make use of the latest technologies and software in their work.

All our translation projects are carried out by qualified, native translators, translating only into their mother tongues. Thus we can guarantee correctness in terms of dialects and cultural issues. We also ensure that our translators are specialised in the subject required for the project. This means that any specialist terminology will be correct.

After the translation is complete, the text is carefully edited and proofread to ensure its quality. This is all done to preserve faithfulness to the original message. For you this means receiving a translation that is as close to perfection as possible.